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Any good business owner knows that in order to stay in business, you have to be willing to keep up with the times. We no longer live in an isolated world where Joe Schmoe Mart three towns over can be 3x as big as your store and offer 10x more products, but your customers are none-the-wiser. Now Joe Schmoe has an Instagram, and your customers are more than happy to drive an extra 45 minutes to see that impossibly-photogenic floor display in person.

You know competition is fierce these days, and you’re doing everything you can to keep up. You’ve replaced the shag carpeting in your office with chic vinyl planking. You’ve ditched your head shots from the late 80s, updated your website from 1995 and now consider Millenials AND Centenials when making purchasing decisions. Bravo, you.

BUT…you’re still using a logo your cousin’s neighbor’s boyfriend put together for you in Paint. Or the one that was super on-trend in 2001 and hasn’t quite come back into style yet. Or the one that is no longer 100% relevant to your business, but you use it anyways because who has time to update that stuff??

Or maybe you still LOVE your logo, but you lost track of the vector file years ago and you’ve been skating by with copying and pasting for awhile. Ever have someone ask you if you have a logo file that isn’t so pixelated, or (worse yet) one with a transparent background? And in between planning your schedule for next month and making sure your utility bill has been paid, you find yourself googling “how to cut out the background out of a logo.”

[insert face palm emoji here]

Don’t worry, friend. You’re not doomed to the logo Hall of Shame forever. We can help.

We recently partnered up with Rio Vista Wines to do just that. Their family-friendly winery is nestled next to the beautiful Columbia and boasts amazing estate wines, incredible views and a sandy beach that is TO DIE FOR.

And the truth is, they loved their logo.

The colors, fonts and cute little duck reflect who they are and who they want to become as a winery. Since first opening in 2004, they’ve acquired a second location and shifted their identity ever-so-slightly from Rio Vista Winery on the River to Rio Vista Wines. They did their best to accommodate these changes, but because they no longer had access to a vector file, anything they did ended up looking like an afterthought.


When RVW approached us to help them out, they wanted to incorporate both their new cabin location and the name change, but still keep the original spirit of their brand. We set them up with a refreshed logo family that reflects who they currently are while keeping up with the demand of digital marketing. No pixels to be found here, folks!


Ready to get your logo up to speed? Let’s get started today!


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