Let’s Dream Big

At a year and some change since officially launching Lake Chelan Creative Marketing, we’ve been spending some time reflecting on our humble beginnings and appreciating how far we’ve come in such a short time. What began as a casual conversation between acquaintances over a couple of beers quickly became an idea that neither of us could shake. A month or so later, we found ourselves in our very first meeting, choosing a name, buying a web domain and taking the first steps in applying for a business license. Dreaming REAL big, real fast.

It was all very exciting (and terrifying) with many more what-ifs than answers, but I think both of us would agree the one thing we were certain of.

This is what we’re meant to do.

That notion (plus our supportive families and lots of coffee and wine) carried us through a difficult year of working multiple jobs, learning how to manage a big-ole-bundle of new stressors, figuring out how to maintain a healthy partnership and making sure we ate, slept and bathed between all of it. And when we realized that it was time to take the leap and support ourselves through LCCM alone, we had to continually revisit why we started all of this in the first place. We had big dreams, and we were making them come true.

To say we’ve learned a lot on this entrepreneurial journey would be a gross understatement. Every word typed, every pixel created, every email drafted and meeting scheduled has been one long string of learning from our mistakes and doing better the next time. One of the pillars of our business philosophy is that we want to continue this growth process in perpetuity, never allowing ourselves to become stagnant or outdated. This goal is a lofty one, but it keeps us keepin’ on even when we’re exhausted and uninspired.

ALL that being said, this post is not about us. It’s about you. Because LCCM is our maiden voyage into Business Owner Land, the reality of what it takes to be successful in this world is fresh in our minds. We understand the fear, the elation, the victories and failures. We know how much grit it takes to get up every morning and continue to forge the path you’ve created for yourself. That you’ve risked everything for. It is our greatest desire as creative professionals to not only understand your dreams, but also take some tasks off your plate so you can get on with making them happen. The things that are often the most difficult for business owners happen to be what we do best. 

Whether you’ve been doing your thing for 30 years, recently took the leap into business ownership or simply have an idea brewing, we’re here to help! We just have one question that you’ll be hearing from us often in the coming weeks…


What are you waiting for?



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  1. Creatively Matt Reply

    Congratulations to LCCM! I’m part of a creative marketing agency in New York’s Hudson Valley. I felt like after two years I was just starting to get to some kind of solid ground. Well, as much as a marketer ever has. Great point, too, about how often marketing is the hardest thing for a business owner/executive to know how to do for their company and offerings.

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