Spring Cleaning for Your Business Visuals

The spring-cleaning bug is hitting us HARD right now, and we don’t mean dusting shelves or cleaning out our closets. At least once per quarter, we like to take a hard look at all our public-facing business visuals and make sure everything is super fresh, clean and up to date.

1. Website

Your website is often the first place people encounter your business (especially in the last couple of years) so why not treat it the same as you would if someone walked through your business doors? Get rid of any outdated photos, events or information. Check to see if your business hours are accurate. Go through each page and actually read through all the copy to make sure it still makes sense. If things are just feeling tired and it’s been a few years since your website was created, consider that it might be time for a new one.

2. Social Media

So you download the LCCM Planning Kit each month and have been absolutely CRUSHING your social media posting (nice job, you!) but have you looked at your Instagram bio recently? Does your Facebook still say you’re closed for the winter? Now is a great time to go through all the “dark corners” of your social media profiles and double check hours, offerings and contact information. Throw a springy new cover on your Facebook page, and you’re good to go for another season!

3. Collateral

We’re talking business cards, rack cards, brochures, flyers, menus, etc. etc. etc. We know you still have 300 business cards left from that special Vistaprint had over the winter, but that’s no excuse to be handing out a card with your old phone number or a photo from 2002.

4. Directory Listings

If you don’t have a list of all the places your business is listed in a directory (like a chamber of commerce, downtown associations, industry-specific organizations, etc.) now is a great time to make one. Then, take that list and go through each one with a fine-toothed comb. Is your logo up to date and high res? Are your hours and contact information accurate? Your website URL? Social media links? It’s totally worth the effort to make sure people are getting accurate information about your business regardless of where they stumble upon it online.

Sunny spring days shed new light on all kinds of things, from the shelf you haven’t dusted all winter to the pile of winterwear at your front door. It’s just as important to see your business with a fresh perspective each season, and we hope this list provides a solid place for you to start. Happy spring!

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