The LCCM Standard of Quality

LCCM’s mission is to provide exceptional social media management, innovative graphic design and visionary branding to our clients. Exceptional, innovative and visionary are big words, and we chose them on purpose! Not only did we set a standard of quality that would far exceed client expectations and surpass what our competitors could offer, we also made a promise to ourselves to continually improve upon our own work. Here’s what that looks like in the real world:

Good – Better – Best

We try to land within the “Best” range in all we do, from blog and social media posts to ads and publications. Our ultimate goal is to create content and marketing materials that the client could never accomplish themselves, even if they had the time. This means pushing our work to the next level (Better), and then even going a bit further into Best Land.


The graphic utilizes brand colors, includes basic information and everything is high resolution.


Graphic is visually engaging, guides the eye to all the right places in the right order, and utilizes the brand elements in a creative way.


Graphic utilizes Instagram carousel and provides a dynamic, interactive experience that ends with a Call to Action, ultimately guiding people to the website.

Big Agency Quality, Small Biz Feel

While corporate marketing agencies have access to a larger talent pool and are able to produce work on a bigger and faster scale, their size tends to make the “little things” fall by the wayside, like customized content and personalized communication. We set out to marry both, with a high level of talent and product quality AND all the perks of working with a small business. Win-win!

At the end of the day, the most important thing to us as a creative marketing agency is that you are thrilled with the finished product. We do this by hiring incredibly talented people, staying up on the latest trends and techniques, and approaching our client relationships with respect, honesty and clear communication.

If you’re ready to take your business marketing and branding to the “Best” level, we’re ready to chat!

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