New Year’s Resolutions for your 2024 Marketing Plan

As we stride confidently into 2024, it's time to set some resolutions – not just for ourselves, but for our marketing plans too. Just like personal resolutions help us grow and improve, making marketing resolutions can significantly impact your business's health and success. In this blog, we'll explore four key New Year's resolutions for your 2024 marketing plan that will keep your brand active, organized, and thriving. Let's dive in and get ready to make the most of the marketing opportunities that this year has in store for us.

Get Active

In the same way that frequent movement and exercise is critical to keeping your body healthy, staying consistently active on your marketing platforms of choice is critical to keeping your business healthy. Those pesky A.I. algorithms favor profiles that post often and consistently, so it’s never been more important to keep your content generation going throughout the year. We know the amount of marketing avenues can be overwhelming, so we recommend choosing a few key platforms to focus on this year – Instagram, MailChimp (e-newsletters) and monthly blogs are a great start.

Get (and Stay) Organized

Is it your M.O. to making marketing decisions month-to-month, always feeling behind and never feeling sure if anything you’re doing is making a difference? Getting organized might be the perfect resolution for you! While it is important to be flexible in your marketing plan as needed, those pivots are so much easier to navigate when you have the rest of the big picture planned out ahead of time. Here are some things you can do to stay organized in your marketing all year long:

  1. If you don’t have a brand guide, get one! Having a clear roadmap for branding criteria and decisions will change your marketing game in a big way.
  2. Plan out your blog, e-newsletter and social media topics for each month based on measurable data, like website analytics and SEO.
  3. Utilize our FREE social media planning kits, released each month to our e-newsletter.
  4. Plan out special/seasonal campaigns and promotions ahead of time so you can have all your marketing materials prepared in advance.
  5. Set measurable monthly, quarterly and annual goals so you can see how you measure up at the end of the year. The next year you can adjust things as needed using actual data points instead of playing the guessing game.

Learn Something New

Is 2024 your year to start a TikTok? Are you finally ready to dip your toes into the world of social media ads? Whatever your “something new” is, it’s so important to inject new life into your marketing mix each year. Learning something new doesn’t have to be a solo venture though, we can help you navigate through those first scary steps!

Do More of What You Love

If you left 2023 feeling like a slave to your business’ marketing tasks, make 2024 the year you offload it to someone else!

We’ve heard all the excuses:

“Marketing is expensive.”

We know how hard you work to earn that bacon and, when it comes to marketing, “you get what you pay for” is a true statement. But having a stellar marketing plan in place can free up your valuable time to invest in other areas of the business or, better yet, free up time to do more of the things you love when you’re not on the clock.

“No one can do it as good as I can.”

Trust us, we know how you feel! But don’t let best be the enemy of better. It’s true that you bring something to your business that no one else can, but it’s also true that there’s only one of you. It’s your marketing team’s job to learn the ins and outs of your business so that your marketing is as close to “you” as possible.

 “I don’t know where to start.”

Just like when you tackle learning a new skill or hobby – the best way to start is just to start. A great first step is getting in touch with a marketing team like LC Creative Marketing!

In 2024, it's all about taking proactive steps to enhance your marketing game. Through these four resolutions, you’ll be able to keep your marketing plan on track throughout the year. Cheers to a new year of growth, efficiency, and success!

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