How to Elevate Your Online Presence in Less than 10 Minutes

Yeah yeah yeah, we know it's been on your to-do list 5ever to update a few things online. We're here to tell you that you've been putting it off long enough! But don't worry, whipping your online presence into shape doesn't have to suck up hours and hours of your day. Here are a few things you can do super quick to make a big impact in no time flat.
  1. Update your profile images. Optimize for a circle format and make sure it's high resolution (no pixelation!) Update on all social media platforms and your Google Business listing.
  2. Write a 1-2 sentence elevator pitch. You should be able to summarize what you do/offer in a couple of sentences! Use Chat GPT if you need to. Then upload to your social media bios and Google Business listing.
  3. Update your hours and contact information. Make sure your business hours are accurate across all social media platforms and (you guessed it!) your Google Business listing.
  4. Post something on your Instagram. Finish a recent project lately? Inspired by something you saw on a trip last weekend? Impressed by an employee you want to highlight? We guarantee there is something easy and quick that’s relevant to your brand you can publish in minutes on Instagram.

You're not totally off the hook -- it's still important to make time to refresh your online presence every quarter or so. But don't let perfect become the enemy of good! If you make 5-10 minutes for these four things, you'll buy yourself some time to give it more thorough attention when it makes sense for your schedule.

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