5 Things We’re Thankful For

1. Our Clients

We say this every year, and we just can’t stress enough how much we mean it. Whether they’ve been with us since day one or just come on board, we are infinitely grateful for our clients! Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed tenacity, adaptability and strength like we’ve never seen before. From pivoting to offering services online to completely rethinking the way they serve their audience, our clients have risen above challenge after challenge, and we’ve been lucky enough to be along for the ride.

2. Our Team

These women have been absolute rockstars this year as we’ve gone through some major changes in the way we run our business, and we can’t thank them enough for sticking with us and staying flexible as we meander into a new era of LCCM. We think it’s important to know that when you hire us, you get an entire team of talent and creativity behind your projects. No matter how much time they spend with us, we learn from every single person who walks through the virtual LCCM door.

3. Our Support Systems

Without our husbands, families, friends, fur babies, therapists, etc., there’s no way we’d be standing upright day after day. Running a business and managing a remote team is more work than we ever imagined, and our support system shows up in all the ways we need them to -- and more! We’ve been working hard this year to create a healthier work-life balance for us and our team, and its these behind-the-scenes folks that truly make that possible.

4. Our Communities

Although these days we’ve stretched our arms beyond the Lake Chelan valley, the core of our business will always be rooted in those small-town values that provided the solid foundation we’re built on today. We’re thankful for every single reference, interaction on our social media, and all your smiling faces when we’re lucky enough to see you in person. We also can’t forget Olivia’s growing network of businesses and contacts in Arizona -- we can’t think of a better city to spread our wings!

5. Women in Business

We are constantly in awe of the women we come across in our day to day. From CEOs and executive directors to work-at-home moms and one-woman shows, we see women in roles of all shapes and sizes and are inspired by every single one. May we draw inspiration from one another, and celebrate each other’s victories as we continue to take the business world by storm.

Please know that when we sit down to count our blessings at Thanksgiving this year, chances are you fit into one of these categories! We hope everyone enjoys a safe, relaxing and delicious holiday.

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